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Wild at heart - Ethnoccidental - BW


Never judge a look by its color.
In a world where black and white cultures still struggle to find a common ground, symbols of reconciliation are a precious asset on the road to harmony. A reflection of his designer, alan Walt’s project is a dashing combination of occidental classic tones and vibrant African wax ; symbolizing the biculturalism of the designer’s attachment to his native Burundi and the Western culture he has been dipping in for the past 20 years. Mixing patterns to secure the bond between both his worlds was a necessity, part of a healing process that resulted in this unique ethnoccidental™ cap collection.


Look closer and you’ll see.
“The essential is invisible to the eye”. That quote from The Little Prince resonates particularly with the Wild At Heart cap collection by alan Walt. Unless you take a closer look, you won’t see what lies beneath its  “classic look”. Unless you explore its design and let your eyes linger over its curves, you won’t perceive its commitment to the cause that has motivated its creation and its design:  the alliance of  two cultures, gathered in one, in complete harmony, and with no duty to justify their co-existence. Wild, isn’t it?

Wild at heart - Ethnoccidental - BWI
Wild at heart - Ethnoccidental - BP


Less (fuss) is more (soul).
Beyond the subtlety of its design, the Wild At Heart cap line features the simplest of colors, echoing the underlying philosophy of alan Walt’s brand. With an African wax bottom visor as a showstopper, the desire to keep it simple and efficient has yet left room for a visual surprise. On the left side, witness alan Walt’s sleek logo, recalling the symbol of infinity, purposely left unfinished, to embody the dreams that have yet to be conquered.


You may leave Africa but Africa will never leave you.
Dance with change to the beat of the rhythm of your roots. Take a look back to reminisce the power of the original you. That empowering blast from the past, alan Walt designed it at the back of his caps. A fresh-looking back closure that reminds us to keep our feet on the ground and our head held high through thick and thin. Stumbling upon a splash of vivacity where you least expect it always is a zest of life that the Wild At Heart caps aspire to embody. Adjust this colourful back closure to suit your comfort and off you go, on your way to the most colourful adventures.

Wild at heart - Ethnoccidental - WB


Cap-able of quality.
A traditonal baseball cap, the Wild At Heart line is a great fit for both the ladies and the gents. Made in 100% cotton twill, it features 5 panels, as well as a front colourful, yet subtle, embroidery, contained in a medium-size circle. The visor is curved, providing the perfect amount of privacy or shade to the face. At the bottom of the cap bill, the African wax pattern is made in natural fiber, as is the rest of the cap. As for the back, it is equipped with a black metal adjustable clip.



  • Sports cap type Baseball cap
  • Panel style 5-panel hat
  • Age group Adults
  • Gender Unisex
  • Material 100% cotton
  • Size 58 cm adjustable
  • Pattern Embroidered/Printed
  • Brim Curve
  • Fabric 100% cotton twill
  • Fabric feature Natural fibers
  • Back closure Metal
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